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Nude Art

Model´s photo  Nayara Koehler
Nayara Koehler - She shivers when someone kisses her on the neck, likes creativity when it comes to sex, and has her bottom as the favorite part of her body. That is Nayara Koehler: a dreamer who enjoys making people laugh, and who does not give up easily when she has a goal set. ‘I once drove from Sao Paulo to my hometown in order to see a guy I was in love with – and returned that same day.’ That is an 8-hour trip, just so you know...

Date and place of birth: February 2nd, 1988, in a city called Blumenau (South of Brazil).
Lives in: São Bernardo do Campo (São Paulo, Brazil).
Sign: Aquarius.

Height: 5.6 ft.
Hips: 36.2 in.
Waist: 29.9 in.
Bust: 35 in.
Feet: 6.5 (US) | 4 (UK).
Have you any nicknames? Na or Nay.

Something you really want to do: travel to Thailand.

Something crazy you have done in life: driving from São Paulo to my hometown in order to see a guy I was in love with – and returning that same day (it is an 8-hour trip, just so you know...).

For you, men got to be...: funny, smart and a real partner for things.

How does it feel to be that hot? LOL Me, hot? I don´t find it that way, I think I´m standard.

And what do you do to keep it all up? I try to keep a healthy diet, avoiding soft drinks and all that. I also go to the gym four or five times a week, and sleep 8 hours every night.

How would you define yourself in three words? Funny, persistent, and a dreamer.

Have you any (bad) habits? Fumbling with my hair all the time.

Do you study? Yes, I am currently studying Architecture.

Have you ever been hit on by another woman? I have indeed LOL.

How was your first kiss like? It was terrible, I had no idea I had to use my tongue! LOL

Tell us something different you have done in bed. I have used objects such as candles, for example...

What do you do to spice things up in bed? I use my imagination, I try to find different places, wearing costumes... Anyway, creativity is always a plus.

And what turns you on? A kiss on the neck, definitely!

If your panties could speak, what would it say right now? I have no clue whatsoever! LOL

Which is the most different place you have had sex at? In a bush wood.

What is the best part of your body? My bum, I guess. But I also like my legs a lot.

What are your plans for the future? To keep working as a model, to finish University, and to keep being happy.

Is this your first sexy photo shoot? It is indeed!

How was it photographing to Bella Club? It was awesome, the whole team is great, and the photographer is very professional.
I loved it.

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