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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Niege Menegat
Niege Menegat - Rare beauty in Bella Club! By looking into her cute little face you don’t tell she is naughty rather than angelical. At 24, the blue-eyed babe knows how to tease even the strongest of men. For starters, when she is home alone she likes dancing. All naked! The Brazilian is turned on when dirty words are whispered in her ear and thinks it´s fun when other women try to take her into bed.
Date and place of birth: June 4th, 1988 in a town called Passo Fundo (extreme South of Brazil).
Lives in: Balneario Camboriu (Brazil).
Sign: gemini.

Height: 5,1ft.
Hips: 34,8in.
Waist: 25,5in.
Bust: 35in.
Feet: 6.5 (US) | 4 (UK).
You have a very beautiful name. Is there a story behind it? When my mom was pregnant, she read a newspaper article about a professional tennis player in Florianopolis who had that name and she liked it. It means snow in French.

Consumer´s dream: wander the worlds without a map, without appointments, with no return ticket.

Tell us something crazy you have done in your life: I had an easy life with my job, a boyfriend. I had to start from scratch when I decided I wanted to live in the place I love the most – the seaside in the South of Brazil. But my days are filled with crazy moments.

How does it feel being such a hottie? I don´t see myself that way.

How would you define yourself in three words? Authentic, stubborn and transparent.

Have you any (bad) habits? Yes! If I am home, I´ll be dancing... naked! LOL

Do you study? I do indeed. I study Administration.

Have you ever been hit on by another woman? Yes, many times. I thought it was great fun. You are never going to hear something vulgar coming from women.

How was your first kiss like? It was sweet and innocent :)

Have you ever done a man´s sexual fantasy? I have done one of MY fantasies! As a consequence, someone else´s, too. But that´s a secret.

What is the best way of turning a guy on in bed? Each person is particularly unique. Just as the person´s tastes, desires and wishes. I believe that what turns you on doesn´t necessarily turns everyone on. Having said that, what is the best way of turning you on in bed?

And what turns you on? Eyes which can show I am desirable. And dirty talking! LOL

If your pantie could talk, what would it be saying right now? Replace me for a bikini bottom right now!

Where would you like to have sex? Everywhere! The more different, the better.

What is the hottest spot on your body? I am so small and thin. Petite. I don´t really find any parts of my body that amazing. I prefer my face.

Had you ever done any sexy shooting before Bella Club? Bella Club has certainly been the sexiest I have done so far.

How was it photographing to us? It was delicious! Great fun, I felt pretty comfy and the team is amazing.

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