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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Olga Alberti
Olga Alberti - Russian model in Bella Club! This is Olga, a 25-year old model who represents Russia’s beauty and sensuality as no one else can. In the exclusive photos to Bella Club, she shamelessly takes her clothes off, and shows the Brazilian aren’t the only ones who can incite the imagination of the male audience.

Date of birth: October 25th, 1988.
Lives in: Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Height: 1.67 m.
Hips:  85 cm.
Waist:  60 cm.
Bust: 86 cm.
Feet: 37.

What other jobs have you done as a model? Calendars, videos, sports catalogues.

Had you ever posed for a Brazilian website before? No, this is my first time and I loved it!

Have you ever felt attracted to a woman? Sorry, I haven’t LOL.

Which superpowers would you like to have? I would love to be able to freeze time.

When do you feel sexier? When I’m photographing.

Do you remember your first kiss? Yes, it happened at school. It was great fun!

Are you capable of anything when you are in love with someone? I believe we all are, right?!

Call me and I’ll go: to parties!

I never: say never!

Is forbidden sex better? I’d say sometimes it is!

Food: seafood.

Drink: water.

Song: house.

Film: comedies.

Color: blue.

Clothes: comfy ones.

An important conquest: my career.

What would you say about Mavrin’s work? I admire his work and I like to be part of it very much!

Is it hard to take off your clothes in front of the cameras? I don’t think so...

You have fans in Brazil now! Do you think about coming to visit us?Yeah, who wouldn’t?  LOL.

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