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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Pâmela Sophiatti
Pâmela Sophiatti - Ohhh, Pamela! Pure bliss distributed in 5 ft 4’ with lots of beauty and sensuality. The 22-year old blonde is all natural and keeps in shape with yoga and weight lifting. In bed, she is turned off when there is no chemistry with the partner, and she cannot stand men who stray. She feels sexy when she dresses lingerie, especially if it is red. Yummy!

Date and place of birth: July 8th, 1991 in a town from the South of Brazil called Brusque.
Lives in: Brusque (Brazil).

Height: 5.4 ft.
Hips: 35 in.
Waist: 23.6 in.
Bust: 31 in.
Feet: 6.5 (US) | 4 (UK).

When did you start your modeling career? I started about a year ago (2012).

What do you do when no one´s watching? Nothing I wouldn´t do with everyone watching...

Is there any part of your beautiful body you don´t like? No, I really like my body.

Would you kiss another woman? No, but I respect all sexual options.

Do you practice any physical activity? I do yoga and go to the gym.

What turns you off in bed? When there isn´t chemistry.

Something you love: my family.

Something you hate: betrayal.

In what kind of situation do you feel sexier? When I´m wearing a beautiful lingerie.

You wouldn´t dare refusing to: dancing!

I never: wish bad things happen to people.

For you, sex is: love´s second half.

Something you think it´s crazy: traveling without a destination.

Do you remember your first time? I do! First boyfriend, a two-year relationship. It didn´t work out in the end, but there´s no way you´d forget your first time, right?!

Food: sushi.

Drink: tequila.

Song: I like rock music in general.

Movie: I like thrillers.

Color: red.

Clothes: as comfy as possible.

How do you sleep? In my silk pjs.

An important conquest: my career.

A goal: overcoming all obstacles and being able to do everything I still haven´t had the chance of doing.

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