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Model´s photo:  Patrícia Ykko
Patrícia Ykko - Look what happens when a Japanese father and an Italian mother get together! Patricia Ykko, the new Bella Club model, is only 19 years old and is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her characteristic eyes and the preference for Oriental cuisine represent her father’s side, while her voluptuous body and sexiness come from the Italian blood. She has her own personality, though, just like any pretty Brazilian babe: Patricia loves being naked, says sex is amazing and has already kissed another woman. What a delicious combo!
Date and place of birth: July 9th, 1993 in Sao Paulo (Brazil).
Lives in: Sao Paulo (Brazil).
Height: 5,5ft.
Hips: 37in.
Waist: 23,6in.
Bust: 37,4in.
Feet:  6.5 (US) | 4 (UK).
What other jobs have you done as a model? I have photographed for a Brazilian magazine called VIP.

How was the start of your career? When I was 18 a job opportunity came from VIP magazine and I accepted. Other opportunities arose, such as posing naked. But I still was not sure if I wanted to work as a model, and at the time I had a boyfriend who was against all that.

What are your professional goals now? To grab every opportunity I have.

What do you do when no one´s watching? Hmmm...

Have you ever felt attracted to another woman? I have kissed another chick, but we were just kidding LOL.

Do you get along with men? Always! Much more than I do with women. Men are great fun. Besides, I like cuddling a lot.

What turns you off in bed? Better to say what turns me on.

Do you practice any sports? None, I have never liked sports that much.

Which super powers would you like to have? Teletransportation! Besides being useful, it would be great to visit people who live far away and stop missing them.

In what kind of situation do you feel sexy? Naked!

Can you remember your first kiss? I can indeed, but it was not very good LOL.

Are you capable of anything when you´re in love? Anything as long as the person is worth the trouble.

I want to go to: Africa, because I still haven´t been there. But the idea is to see the part of it most people don´t like to see. I want to go there for personal growth, for feeling more human. I think it is a compulsory trip.

I will never: be with someone I don´t admire.

For you, sex is: delicious, essential and necessary!

Is forbidden sex better? Is it?!

A crazy act: it is hard for something to seem crazy for me LOL.

Food: Japanese.

Drink: champagne.

Song: John Mayer - Your Body Is a Wonderland.

Movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Color: red.

An important conquest: it is still to come.

Would you leave a message to the Bella Club fans? I hope you all like it. It was a whole day just thinking of you!

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