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Model´s photo  Poliana Ampessan
Poliana Ampessan - She lives in a world of her own: an enchanted world! For her, it’s all pink and charming. The new Bella Club model is a dreamer! Our Poliana believes better days will come and tries to be fair with everyone. If she had special powers, she would fight against drugs trafficking and consuming in the world. At 26 years old, Poliana says she would never be away from her family and, for her, sex is “the other half of love.” Isn’t that cute? Well, her photo shoot is much, much cuter! Click here to see all her sweetness, innocence and sensuality...

Date and place of birth: July 30th, 1985, in a city called Erechim (Brazil).
Lives in: Erechim.

Hips: 97cm.
Waist: 62cm.
Bust: 86cm.
Feet: 35.

What other jobs have you done as a model? You’ll soon see me in magazines.

How was the start of your career? I’ve started with TV commercials, catwalks, beauty pageants and I now work mainly as a photographic model.

What are your professional goals at the moment? I work in order to be recognized nationally and am in search of an opportunity on TV.

What do you do when no one´s watching? The same things I do when everyone´s watching. I´m transparent!

Have you ever kissed another woman? No, but I respect them all.

Do you always get along with men? When they respect me the way they should, yes.

What turns you off in bed? Cheating.

Do you practice any sports? I weight lift every day.

Which special power would you like to have? The power of ending drug trafficking and consuming in the world.

In which kind of situation do you feel sexier? I am sexy all the time! lol

Can you remember your first kiss? Not really.

Are you capable of everything when you´re in love? Yes. I´m a Leo and very intense.

Call me and I´ll go: to a pizza place! lol  

 I never: I would never leave my family.

 For you, sex is: the other half of love.  

I forbidden sex better? No, whatever´s forbidden is a big turn off for me...

Something crazy: live far away from my dog, Lola.  

Food: pizza.  

Drink: champagne.

Song: one called Sensacoes, from Brazilian singer Paula Fernandes.

Film: what I´ve been through.

Color: neon pink.

Clothes: the ones that valorize my body as a whole.

An important conquest: the recognition of my work.

A message to your Bella Club fans: “I´d like to always have a beautiful smile on my face, even when the situation isn´t the best. And, with that smile, I hope I can transmit peace and joy to the ones around me. I am happy the way I am, I won´t change things in my routine because of what others expect from me. I simply live according to my way of living.”

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