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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Regiane Brunnquell

Date and place of birth:
April 30th, 1983, in Florianopolis.

Lives in:


5.3 ft

14.17 in

5 ½

How long have you been working as a model?
Since the start of this year, when I won a national pageant called Bela da Praia (beauty of the beach).

Could you mention some of the jobs you´ve done as a model?
A sensual photo shooting for Trip magazine. It was my most important job before BellaClub. It opened the doors for new contracts and was the start up of my career.

Have you ever taken part in any modeling contest?
Yes, Bela da Praia, by a famous Brazilian brand of soap. Photos were taken in Ilha Bela, São Paulo, but I was found at the beach in Jurere, Florianopolis, where I live.

Why did you choose to be a model?
A series of events which lead me towards the profession after winning the pageant mentioned above and having a brief exposition on a national magazine.

Besides modeling, do you have another career?
Yes, I´m a Human Resources Manager since 2005.

Do you work out?
No, it might seem I work out, but - as unbelievable as it may be - I don´t like it. I´m lazy... meanwhile I can count on good genetics, resulting from race mixture, youth, and luck.

Do you study?
Not at the moment, but I intend to study drama soon.

Sports are also part of my plans, I think it´s essential, but unfortunately I don´t practice any. I like swimming and tried it once, but gave up.

...Soccer Team?
Flamengo, in Rio; and Figueirense, in Florianópolis.

I´d love travelling a lot and learning about new cultures. I dream of going to Egypt, for I love anything that is a part of the universe of those people.

I love the beach - just for lying on the sand sunbathing or going into the water. In a general way, summer is a season that makes me very happy with all its sun, sea and tan, not to mention the beach was the place where I was discovered and invited to be a model.

All the movies touch me in a way or teach me something new. I like smart comedies, realistic suspense, but what I enjoy the most are beautiful love stories or stories about overcoming obstacles.

I love music, it is such a big part of my life! Since I was a child I used to sing in choirs and I even sang in a band in high school. I still love singing and whenever I have the opportunity I do it. It makes me feel great. I´m a big fan of Marisa Monte, Ana Carolina and Celine Dion, among other great singers. I also like dance music, electronic music, house, pop rock. Songs are capable of bringing out various emotions.

Japanese is my favorite, without a doubt. I like all kinds of seafood and avoid red meet.

Juice, preferably natural. I avoid sodas and alcohol, but I enjoy some wine and champagne socially or when I´m having a nice dinner.

Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenzo Flower and Issey Miyake.

What do you really love?
I love sincere friendships, sincere people, I love my parents, my brother, sister, friends, I love compassion, solidarity and, above all, I love people who are capable of loving others without expecting anything in return.

What do you really hate?
I hate people who are fake, I hate corruption, I hate dishonest people, I hate envy, I hate the evil in human beings.

Handsome man:
A loyal companion, who loves with all his heart, capable of crying, a man who admits when he´s wrong and learns with his mistakes. A handsome man is one who is incapable of putting money ahead of his feelings. And if he smells good too!

Mr. right?
The one I dream about and haven´t met yet.


The best place to have sex is...
A cozy place, comfortable, clean, with scented candles, nice music, a wonderful company.

Which was the strangest place you ever had sex at?
I think it was at the beach in the middle of summer.

Which parts of your body do you like the most?
What people notice more about me, without a doubt... my tushy.

What draws your attention in a man's body?
The smile and the eyes...

A pocket phrase or a thought...
I want, I can, I get there.

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