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Model´s photo:  Sabrina Santos
Sabrina Santos - Sabrina Santos is a spectacular brunette! The Brazilian model has done several jobs for TV and now comes to Bella Club full of energy. Besides modelling, Sabrina works as a nurse assistant. Some people here are already feeling a bit uneasy... In order ro keep her curves into place, the beauty weight lifts three times a week. The parts of her body she likes the most are her breasts and belly.
Date and place of birth: March 14th, in a city called Osorio, extreme South of Brazil.  
Lives in: Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Sign: piesces.

Height: 1,67m
Hips: 102cm
Waist: 66cm
Bust: 98cm
Feet: 37

Could you tell us some of the jobs you have done as a model? Besides working in events, I have also done several jobs on television. One of which was a commercial for MTV Brazil.

Besides modelling, have you any other professions? Yes, I work as a nurse.

Do you practice any sports?  I go to the gym three times a week.

Food: as all girls who come from the extreme South of Brazil, I love BBQs!

Drink: wine.

Perfume: Jean Paul Gaultier.

Loves: pets.

Hates: routine.

Handsome man: a very special person who has come into my life.

Ideal man: romantic, smart and a gentleman in his acts.

Sexual fantasy: make love in a desert island.

The ideal place to make love at: as long as you´re with the right person, any place is a great place.

Which is the favorite part of your body? My belly and my breasts.

What about in a man´s body? Face and abdomen.

For those who would like to be lucky enough to bump into you, what kind of places do you visit? I don´t go out much, I am the kind of person who prefers dating at home than going out for nightclubs and stuff.

Tell us something which has all to do with you: I like delicate things, nothing over the top.

What about something which has nothing to do with you? Futilities.

What makes you feel in heaven? A romantic night, filled with creativity.

In your opinion, what is it like to be a Bella Club model? I was very happy when I was invited to pose for Bella Club, a website with so many stunning models and a success for 11 years now. I hope you like the work I´ve done along with the team. I love being photographed, I had no problems whatsoever during the shooting. I love my body and I believe that when you feel good about yourself, it all looks brighter.

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