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Nude Art

Model´s photo  Tassiana Dunamis
Date and place of birth:  São Paulo, Brazil.
City where you live: São Paulo.  
Signe:  Taurus

Height: 5,58 ft 
Hips: 38,58 in
Waist line: 26,38 in
Bust: 37,40 in
Feet: 7
What are your career plans?
So many! From coming back to Drama School to Real Estate enterprises.

Do you think you’re sexy?
Sometimes…but I think every woman is sexy!

Do you work out to keep in shape?
Actually I grew up exercising a lot, from dance classes to Jazz Circus. What I don’t like is resting… consequently I keep in shape, of course!

Beautiful women always find something wrong in their bodies nobody else can see. What about you?
I’m perfect! Thanks God I have two arms and two legs! We can work on the rest.

Going out or staying in?
Staying in! Going out is for special occasions or when I get “crazy”.

When you go out, do men pour?
If it pours I don’t know… But they’re there all the time.

Has anyone ever stolen a kiss from you?
No one is crazy enough! Only if they don’t really care about their teeth… lol!

What about women, do they come on to you?
Certainly! Recently, one crazy woman wanted to pay to go out with me! If she were attractive I might have gone out with her…

Are you afraid of being cheated on?
No, it’s part of the cycle of life, not only in romantic love, but also among friends, people we trust etc. 

Are you jealous?
Not jealous, but protective of my patrimony.

Would you let your man pose for a sexy shooting?
It depends. As long as he did not embarrassed me…lol

What is essential to a man?
Culture, humor, character and personality! (Is that too much to ask?)

Have you ever wore any of yours or his costumes to spice up the relationship?
Yes… it wasn’t really a costume, but he loved it!

Did you feel comfortable about it?
Not at the beginning, but after some time yes…

How did you like posing for BellaClub?
I loved it! As in all photo sessions, I am shy at the beginning, but as I started observing the result, I really liked it! The team is great, really competent! Congratulations, everyone! 

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