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Nude Art

Model´s photo  Tatiane Kremer

Date and place of birth:
July 8th, 1986, in Joaçaba, Santa Catarina/Brazil.

Lives in:
Luzerna, Santa Catarina/Brazil.


5,48 ft

38,58 in

25,98 in

33,07 in

7 1/2

When did you start modeling?
About a year ago.

Which were your biggest modeling jobs?
My first job is this one, BellaClub.

Have you ever taken part in any modeling contest?
Yes. In 2005 I was elected beauty queen of the University I go to, in Joaçaba. After that, I was elected Queen of Samba School Aliança, also in Joaçaba. I was also Summer Girl Luzerna in 2006 and was among the ten finalists. Still in 2006 I was queen of the state Olympics and won the Gata Band contest (a national radio station).

Why did you choose to be a model?
I never really wanted to be a model because I was under the impression a girl had to be really tall and skinny to become one, but after I started doing some pageants, job proposals started poping up.

Besides modeling, do you have another career?
Yes, I am a bartender at Terra Brazilis, the best party club on the west of Santa Catarina.

Do you work out?
Yes, at Vida & Saúde.

Do you study?
Yes, Physiotherapy.


...Soccer Team?
Brazil during the World Cup.

Brava, in Florianópolis/SC.

The Life of David Gale.

That´s secret!

I like everything, but I love a good pagode (Brazilian rhytm, a derivation from samba).

I love lasagna and stroganoff.


Wild Wind, by Gabriela Sabatini.

What do you really love?
My family and my life.

What do you really hate?
Lies and falseness.

My mother.

Describe Mr.Right:
One that loves me and who is faithful, a good friend and intelligent.

The best place to have sex is...
Nothing like the comfort of a nice bed, but all new ideas are valid.

Which was the strangest place you ever had sex at?
None that can be considered very different... yet! lol

Which parts of your body do you like the most?
I like the whole.

What draws your attention in a man's body?
I love broad back, strong arms, a man that makes himself noticed.

A pocket phrase or a thought...
The greatest thing is to fight with determination, embrace life and live with passion, loose with class and win with dare, because the world belongs to those with courage to live and life is a lot to be insignificant.

Life philosophy:
´There are only two days in which nothing can be done: one is called Yesterday and the other one is called Tomorrow. Therefore, Today is the day to live.´

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