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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Thaís Dornelles
Thaís Dornelles - The new Bella Club model comes from the South of Brazil - certainly the gorgeous women natural habitat! Besides being a model, Thais Dornelles works in events. There is something else she enjoys doing, though: sleeping. ´The best time of the day is sleeping time. Yummy!´ By the way, the preferred position for the nap is facedown. If she´s wearing tiny panties, it´s even better! C´mon, Thais, now it´s hard to focus at work!
Date and place of birth: June 10th, 1984, in Porto Alegre (Extreme South of Brazil).
Lives in: Canoas (also in the South).
Sign: Gemini.

Height: 5,7ft.
Hips: 40,5in.
Waist: 27in.
Bust: 35,4in.
Feet: 6 (UK) | 8.5 (US).
Soccer team: a team from the South of Brazil called Internacional.

Favorite beach: any beach, as long as I am in good company.

How would you define yourself in three words? Privileged, blessed and different.

Have you any (bad) habits? I am a perfectionist.

What is compulsory in order to keep being beautiful? Self love, will, focus and discipline.

Besides modeling, have you any other jobs? I work as an events promoter.

What is the main goal now? Travelling all over the world.

What can you not stand in a man? Rudeness and stupidity.

And what does one have to do to have you beside him? Conquer me with attitudes rather than with words.

So how would the perfect man be for you? What surprises me the most is intelligence. 

Have you ever been hit on by another woman? Yes, i was at a party. I confess I didn`t know what to do at the time.

What are your seduction weapons? Audacity.

What turns you on? A good grip.

The best thing about your childhood was...  playing with dolls! I played a lot with them  when I was little, I love dolls nowadays even.

When did you start seeing yourself as a woman? When I started worrying about my acts, paying my bills and feeling responsible for my decisions.

What kind of underwear do you prefer? Thongs. The smaller, the better LOL

How do you like sleeping? Belly down.

Clothes: sexy, elegant and discreet.

Addiction: sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep!

Car: a Veloster would be awesome! LOL

Favorite hobby: I love watching horror movies.

The best time of the day is... bed time! I just love it!

Are you for or against casual sex? All for it!

A good male perfume is... that which you cannot forget.

What is irresistible to you? Male arms.

I would never do... That is not a question for me, I do anything I want...

Being a Bella Club model is... being sexy and chic.

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