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Model´s photo:  Thays Leão
Thays Leão - She is in love with soccer since she was a little girl and won the title of inspiring muse of a Brazilian soccer team last year. Thays has come to extinguish the competition existent among supporters, offering something hot in exchange. The 26 year-old brunette did her High School in the US and got a degree in Trilingual Secretariat. Besides speaking 3 different languages and loving soccer, this babe is also into car races and MMA. Pretty, hot, intelligent and a sports lover – we have found the perfect woman!
Date and place of birth: December 8th, 1984, in a city called Porto Alegre, in the extreme South of Brazil.
Lives in: Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Sign: sagittarius.
Height: 5,48ft.
Hips: 40in.
Waist: 25in.
Bust: 38in.
Feet: 7.5 (US) | 5 (UK).

In 2011 Thays was crowed as the soccer muse for one of the most famous teams in the South of Brazil – Internacional. Since then she became even more famous in the country - for loving soccer and being pretty, of course!

Being a soccer muse isn´t for everyone. Tell us a little bit more about this experience. Being the muse of Internacional is one of the biggest joys of my life. I know everything that happens with the team, I have met many nice people in there and I always get lots of love from the public.

So you´re telling us you are in love with soccer since you were a child?  Yes, I have always watched the matches with my father, since I was little... Fanatic family! LOL

Tell us something crazy you´ve done for the team. If doing some funny stuff while in a reality TV show counts as something crazy, I have done many! LOL

Even before we took the pictures, your fans were already dying to see you on Bella Club. What do you do to be so special to them? First of all I am very happy with all the love and support I get from them and I believe that keep acting as myself and treating them all with respect rsults in having over 70 thousand people following me on the social networks, for example. That is very gratifying. Then I don´t see them as fans, I see them all as my friends. 

What is the feeling of being so hot? As the majority of women, I like when people compliment me. I feel great because I take great care of myself to look that way.

And what do you do to keep all that into place? I weight lift three times a week, I do pilates and yoga, I follow the orientations of my beloved nutritionist and I also go through some aesthetic treatments sometimes.

How would you define yourself in three words? A warrior, loyal and vain.

Besides soccer, is there anything else you love a lot? There is indeed! When we´re talking about sports I also love car races and MMA.

Do you study? I finished high school in the US, studied Advertising and have a degree in Trilingual Secretariat (does that even exist there?).

Now a question men are in love with: has any woman ever hit on you before? LOL Yes, but I always take it as a compliment and move on.

And has any man already try to get to your small area? No, I never gave them freedom to do it.

How was your first kiss like? It was cool at the time.

What turns you on? Kisses on the neck and a firm hand are good for starters.

Have you ever made out in the field? In the field, the bushes, outside, inside... it is always good!

In what situations do you usually score 10 x 0? As a very confident person, I believe I do that in every situation LOL

What are the plans for the future? I have many goals, but the main thing is to keep being happy.

And what other jobs have you done as a model? As a model I have done several advertising photos, I also work a lot in events, I have recorded a DVD for a band I love, I
have won some beauty contests and I am the muse of some sports teams.

How was it photographing to Bella Club? I loved photographing to Bella Club, the team was fantastic, the location was beautiful and the weather was perfect!

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