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Nude Art

Model´s photo  Vanessa Coelho
Vanessa Coelho - After photographing with two Bellas, the blue-eyed babe decided it was about time she left her good behavior behind and showed us how fast she can set our hearts racing.
Date and place of birth: March 14th 1987, in Santos (São Paulo state).
Lives in: Florianopolis (an island in the South of Brazil).


Height: 1,63m
Hips: 94cm
Waist: 64cm
Bust: 84cm
Feet: 35

1. Sign:

2. Your life´s biggest dream:
being successful in everything I do.

3. Something crazy you´ve done in life:
I once travelled alone to a place I had never been before, in order to meet someone I had never seen in my life!

4. Favorite beach:
Moçambique, in Santa Catarina, South of Brazil.

5. Define yourself in three words:
Shy, clumsy and friendly.

6. When you have some free time...
I like going to the beach and watching movies.

7. Any bad habits?

8. How do you keep fit?
I go to the gym and jog.

9. An unforgetful moment:
when my nephew was born.

10. Besides modeling, have you any other professions?
I´m a student.

11. What are your plans for the future?
Get a degree in Performing Arts.

12. What can´t you stand in a man?
Lies and arrogance.

13. What should a man do to have you?
Be simple and sincere.

14. Have you ever done any sexual fantasies?
Not yet, but I´m planning on doing it soon…

15. What´s the best way to seduce a man in bed?
Let things happen, with lots of caressing and seduction!

16. What are your seduction weapons?
The way I stare.

17. What turns you on?
Scented oils and the way a man touches me.

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