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Model´s photo  Vanessa Sato
Vanessa Sato - This Japanese descendant comes from Brazil and is expert in giving us certain thoughts. With her wonderful curves and extreme sensuality, Vanessa Sato would say yes to a ménage a trois and says that bad boys are better than the nice guys when it comes to sex. The babe provokes us even more when she says the best pick up line she’s ever got came from a woman and, to drive us straight to heaven, Vanessa likes forbidden places to make out. Enjoy the advantage of being a BellaClub member and check all the angles of this hot, wet and pretty brunette!

Date and place of birth: 26/03/77, Cascavel/PR

Lives in? Cascavel

MeasuresHeight: 5.25ft

Hips: 92cm

Waist: 61cm

Bust: 88cm

Feet: 6A


Striking feature of your personality:

my personality is sincere and strong.

 Sign: aries.

 Supports which team? Brazilian team Corinthians.

 Movie: Avatar and Hachiko.

 Music: American pop.

 Hot man: Ben Affleck.


A thought:

 “Beauty is’nt everything, we gotta be smart.”


Prefers going out or staying home?

Home, always.


Something you’d never do:

I do nothing without thinking about it first.


Some other Jobs you’ve done as a model:

Sexy Magazine in 1998;  3rd and 9th editions of Big Brother Brazil – in specific parts; beauty contest Bela da Praia (the beauty of the beach) in 2010; Playboy’s Playmate in June 2010; as well as catalogues and advertising campaigns.


 Besides being a model, do you work with anything else?

Yes, I’m a fashion producer.


 Do you study?

No, not at the moment.


What are your plans for the future? 

Work more and reach all my goals.


 What do you do to keep fit? 

I go to the gym three times a week and eat healthy food.


Which was the best trip you’ve done?

Japan. It was a unique experience.


 And what’s your dream destination?

New York, with a good companion.


 Are you single or married? 

I’ve been married for 11 years!


Good boy or bad boy, which attracts you more? 

It depends on the moment, but bad boys are way better when it comes to sex. 


 Who might be lucky enough to meet you, what kind of places you usually go to?

Gym, hairdressers, restaurants... but never night clubs.


 When you’re out with friends, what should a Guy do to call your attention?

He has to be discrete. Those are the most successful ones.


Which was the best pick up line you’ve ever received?

From a woman.


Do you usually take the initiative?

 Of course I do. That’s how it happened with my husband, for example. I was into him and he was into me, but he wasn’t sure about how I felt. I just sat on his lap to have a picture taken, and then it was all clear.


 What’s your seduction weapon? 

The eyes. Just by looking at people is possible to show how sexy you are.


 Have you ever watched any porn? What did you think of it?

 Yes, I think it’s interesting, but it depends on the movie. It’s always good to do something different once in a while. 


Have you ever done any sexual fantasies? 

 Yes, but it’s a secret.


If your boyfriend wanted to have a three-some, would you accept it?

Depending who the third person was… why not?


 Which is the best place to have sex?

Where there’s danger, there’s hotness. I love forbidden spots.


Was this your first sexy photoshoot? 

No, I’ve done some before Bella’s, but this one was wonderful. I’m really happy with the results. 


How did you feel photographing for BellaClub?

Really comfortable. The team is really professional. I loved it and would definitely do it again. 

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