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Model´s photo:  Wanessa Lopes
Wanessa Lopes - Owner of predicates capable of seducing even the strongest of men, Wanessa Lopes comes to Bella Club filled with boldness, sophistication and sensuality. The 23 year-old model is currently running for the title of ‘Musa do Brasileirao’. Each soccer team has its own inspiring muse (a hot chick) and Wanessa is representing her favorite one: Atletico Goianiense. The contest happens every year in Brazil and consists in crowning the most beautiful model from one of the regional clubs.

Birth date: November 29th, 1989.
Lives in:
a city called Goiania, in Brazil.

8.5 (US) | 6 (UK).

Being a soccer hottie is not for everyone. Tell us a little about this experience. It is an honor for me to be able to represent the team I love (Atletico Goianiense) in a national beauty contest called  Musa do Brasileirao and, consequently, being able to show a little of my personality and beauty.

Does that mean you are in love with soccer since you were a little girl? My father used to take me to the stadium when I was a little girl. We would see the matches of a different soccer team from our region and the passion for Atletico Goianiense started after I met an ex-boyfriend who was a fanatic for the team. The romance is over but the passion for Atletico remains!

Even before we had your pictures taken, your fans were already crazy about your photo shoot to Bella Club. What do you do to be so special? I have always tried to treat everyone in a polite, caring manner, no matter who they are. And I have always been grateful for the love and support coming from those who know how much I have worked to be here now.

What is the feeling of being such a hottie? I cannot deny it feels awesome! lol

What do you do to keep it all up? I weigth lift and avoid eating unhealthy food – although I am in love with chocolate!

How would you define yourself in three words? A warrior, faithful and simple.

Besides soccer, have you any other passions? I love my life, my family, my boyfriend and my son.

Do you study? I study Law.

Now a question most men love: have you ever been hit on by another woman? Yes, several times!

And has any soccer player ever tried reaching your goal area? Ohhh, no! lol

Can you remember your first kiss? I can indeed. It was in my school at the time, it was funny. He and I were grounded right after it! lol

What turns you on? When my man sings for me.

Have you ever made out in the field? lol no!

In which situations do you score 10x0? Every time I feel happy.

What are the plans for the future? I own a clothing store and I want to invest on that now.

How was it photographing to Bella Club? I had never posed that sexy before, it was different but exciting. I loved the production and the photographer. The whole team is extremely professional. I felt really comfy and would do it again for sure!

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