BellaClub presents   Karuliny Malta - See the second part of her photo shoot! Karuliny Malta - See the second part of her photo shoot!She’s another great Bella Club discovery: the granddaughter of a Brazilian Indian, with glowing tanned skin, who uses her eyes to communicate all of her feelings. Karuliny Malta is the kind of woman who believes in a better world, and who does not give up her goals. Her photo shoot is the real proof that life can be wonderful, no matter what. She’s 22 years old, and presents a photo shoot that has a lot to do with her: amidst nature, including wet clothes, tan lines, flowers, and cactuses.

 Jéssica Guimarães Jéssica Guimarães

 Patricia Jordane Patricia Jordane

‘My Bella’ is a space we developed in Bella Club so you can keep the photos you like the most, organized the way that suits you best! If you prefer, you can also share your space with your friends and other users, as well as getting grades and comments.Want to know what the advantages are?- you have access you your favorite pictures more rapidly- all the pictures you like the most are gathered in a unique place- you create as many folders you want, and you can classify them in accordance to their content- you get suggestions of similar images, based on your personal taste- you can access the public folders of other members- you can share your folders with friends- you can grade photos, scoring them and leaving personal comments- ‘My Bella’ is for Bella Club members onlyClick here to create your first folder now! Blog All your favorite photos in one place

In the 19 photo sets she has in Bella Club, Yasmin Assis transforms herself: she goes from the sweet, innocent girl, to the strong, sexy woman. She plays on the swing, goes horseback riding, chews gum, teases on the porch, and looks after the farm. Yasmin is all-in-one, she's wonderful, she's something we can't forget. Click here to see the whole photo shoot, and answer this: which is your favorite version of Yasmin?  Blog A sweet, sweet woman!

This Wednesday is going to be on fire here in Bella Club! The granddaughter of a Brazilian Indian, Karuliny Malta returns to the website with the second part of a photo shoot amidst nature, just the way we like: filled with gorgeous landscapes, interesting angles, and no clothes! See here what the 22-year-old model has previously done, and save some time on your schedule the day after tomorrow to see her again, even hotter. In what kind of situation do you feel the sexiest?After the shower, when I'm still wet.[her exact words]   Blog Karuliny: just the way we like

Brazilian Indians descedant Karuliny Malta returns to the website next Wednesday with brand new photo sets. The tanned-skinned brunette reveals more of her natural curves posing by a lake, walking over rocks, and enjoying her freedom amidst plants and flowers. Get ready to see our nature lover all naked, only here in Bella Club! Blog Nature lover is back next week

Sometimes the key to success if right in front of us, and we can't see it because we're conditioned to thinking the same way at all times, leaving no space for making it differently. Mantips Let the imagination flow

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There are people who are beautiful, and who we can’t help but stare for a bit. They not only go by us on the streets or sit beside us in a coffee shop, but they are also on TV and or other medias. It’s almost impossible not to look! What Women Want Should I stare or should I go?


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